Lessons for all riders, starting at just R100 per lesson...

  • No equipment needed
  • 7km from Uitenhage in beautiful Kruis Rivier

Having Fun, Social Distancing Outdoors & Building Life Skills & Making Memories

We are so excited to show you all that BallynaFagh Farm has to offer...


From ages 3 to 83 (and beyond!) we have the perfect blend of safe ponies, friendly instructors and peaceful arenas to get started


With a range of different lessons to suit all different abilities, our 1 hour group lessons will let you really begin mastering your skills


We believe a happy horse is a healthy horse. With large fields, social herds and daily interaction from our friendly staff, let your horse thrive at the farm


Starting in December 2020, we will be hosting 1 and 2 day workshops for equestrians who want to dive deeper into specific topics with their horse

Ballynafagh owners have a different approach to "horse-riding & lessons", what they do is magic, they teach our kids not just how to get on and ride, but also what caring for these animals is all about.

- Debbie G

Let’s Get Started.

'Dilly Dallying' is not something we promote on the farm...

Get in touch today and find out more

Hi There...

I'm Lorna, the founder of BallynaFagh Farm. My goal is to help each and every person who walks through the front gate of BallynaFagh Farm learn to enjoy horses and the great outdoors.

I believe in allowing riders the opportunity to really 'feel' their way into having better conversations with their horses. Fun is my top priority, safety a very close second.

When not busy on the farm, I also help thousands of riders all over the world through my hugely popular Daily Strides Podcast and my online equestrian coaching at Strides for Success.

Great riders are people whose love for horses has been nurtured and encouraged. That is what we do best here on the farm



A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

Midweek beginner lessons start at R400 per month for 4 lessons. So, R100 per lesson.

Midweek 1 hour group lessons are R700 for 4 lessons per month

Weekend lessons (Friday and Saturday) are R600 for 4 beginner lessons per month and R900 for 4 group lessons per month

How do I know it's for me?

Good question! You can simply book 2 lessons to get started with.

Simply get in touch and you can literally be here for your first riding lesson this week.

After the initial 2 lessons, you can then decide if this is indeed something for you and we can go from there

Does my location matter?

We primarily serve Uitenhage, Despatch, and surrounding areas.

However, we have weekly riders who visit from Jeffreys Bay, Kirkwood, Port Elizabeth and Sundays River to name a few...

We are committed to making horse riding work with your current schedule; so get in touch!

What equipment do I need?

  • Yourself
  • A pair of long trousers
  • A pair of comfy closed-toe shoes (no sandals) preferably with a small heel (1cm)
  • A pair of gloves (the garden variety will do) as part of our COVID-19 precautions
  • A mask (again for COVID-19 precautions)
  • A good attitude!

We provide helmets (which we adhere to COVID-19 precautions regarding the use of).

Does it matter if I'm new to horses?

Nope! If you're just getting started, we believe that we are the best riding school around to guide you or your little person in a safe and fun way.

Our methods focus on building confidence; and if that means staying with two feet firmly planted on the ground for the first lesson, that is fine by us.

We strongly believe in a holistic approach to horse riding and horsemanship. Riders are leaders; leadership development is about the right actions taken consistently over a period of time. And confidence.

How often do I have to ride?

We recommend once a week when getting started. This helps to build confidence and momentum.

However, if this is not possible due to time or financial commitments, we do cater to riders who can only ride fortnightly.

And, if you feel that you want to step things up and ride more often, we have a range of horses and ponies available to lease. The pleasure and privilege of 'your own horse' without financial implications or long term commitment.

What kind of training or activities do you offer?

Our beginner lessons usually take place in our 'small' arena (all-weather 20m x 20m).

Our group lessons are in our 'big arena' - fancy names, eh?! This is again an all-weather, however, it measures 40m x 60m.

Our riders also regularly get out of the arenas and onto quiet gravel roads that we are blessed to have. We also ride in the veldt (80ha of the farm is indigenous bush veldt), along the river (the Elands River flows through the farm), and in neighbouring vegetable and lucern farms.

So just in the arena and on the road then?

No, not necessarily... We are all about our riders becoming 'complete' riders. Meaning that they can turn their horses hoof to whatever they feel drawn to.

We believe that our riders must learn to groom, tack up, untack, and just look after the horse in general. This often forms part of the lessons.

We love pole work, jumping, mounted games, pony camps.

For adult riders, we go deep into more classical riding...

And then there are the workshops and clinics, beginning December 2020, which will go deep into specific topics.

When can I get started?

Right this week! As of November 2020, we are adding extra sessions, times, and days to our weekly riding schedule.

Simply reach out, tell us your unique situation (age, experience, etc.) and we can get you or your little person in the saddle within 7 days.  

And, by sharing your contact details, we can update you with any time-limited workshops, pony camps, etc.

Will I get to train with Lorna herself?

Maybe ;) Lorna does teach some of the weekly lessons on the farm. However, they are usually the more advanced lessons, an adult lesson, or two, and private lessons.

Lorna herself is B.H.S. qualified, which is an international horse riding instructor qualification.

All other instructors on the farm have trained under Lorna and adhere to her methods and ideas regarding riding and horsemanship.

And COVID-19... Is it safe to ride a horse right now?

We have changed how we do a lot of things on the farm to help minimise the risk of our family, our staff, our riders and our visitors contracting COVID-19.

Our 'stables' are now all outdoors.

All riders must wear a mask and gloves.

We have strict disinfecting practices in place

And, unfortunately, no 'hanging around' the arenas or yard for now...

Absolutely love riding at BallynaFagh. Love the horses, ponies, and of course, my instructor! Some of my best memories are made at this farm. Always a nice way to end the week with a lesson, or spend my holiday at a pony camp!

— Kaylin W.

Commitment to Diversity

At BallynaFagh Farm, we are committed to diversity. We are committed to diversity in our horses and ponies. We love all sorts, colours, shapes, abilities, attitudes and characters!

We take this commitment to our riders as well. We wholeheartidly believe that we will all do better together. We celebrate each riders unique contribution to our 'Farm Family' and we are always open to meeting new riders; from all walks of life.

You or our child can become part of BallynaFagh's 'Farm Family' for less than an outing to your local restaurant (which, let's face it, is usually forgotten within 24 hours).

"It's amazing to see their confidence grow as they learn the skill of horse riding"

- Anneke E.

"Fun, with quietness, tranquility and freshness. Beautiful background with trees..."

- Mlungisi M.

Start Horse Riding this Week...

A weekly 'date' with a horse might just be what you or your little person needs in these unusual times...